Getting rejected all the time? It could mean that you are not qualified enough, which you can achieve by working on yourself, but more often than not it just means someone had a better résumé than you. Just like there are plenty of fish in the sea, there are plenty of résumés in every company. You need to make sure they notice yours.

Not every one of us is a writer, artist or good designer, but there are many tips you can follow, which will make your résumé stand out among the sea of résumés. Check these out!

1- Use personal branding

Try to make a résumé that represents you. Use a certain selection of fonts and color schemes which are somehow related to you; for example, if you are a cheerful person who has a deep need for logical order in everyday life, your style should be hearty-oriented, and also you should find a way to include the color yellow. Personalize your résumé!

2- Make it legible

Keep in mind that, no matter how good your résumé is, if they have trouble reading it, you're the one who's in trouble!

Please don't blind the reader’s eyes.

Don't use decorative fonts like you're writing a fairy tale. Also, don't let your résumé shine brighter than a diamond – use proper colors.

3- Limit the number of pages

Try not to bore them with too much text. Keep it up to 1 or 2 pages max. This way you're showing them that you can be consistent and clear. If you have a lot of information you want to show, use columns – that way you can put more text that takes less space on the page.

4- Apply hierarchy of information

In order to leave a stronger impression on readers, you need to let them know which parts of the text are more important than others. This can easily be done by enlarging the font of headings and titles, to allure the reader to read the text related to the title.

Bolding words and/or titles can make such a difference. Whenever you want to highlight certain words or part of the text, you should bold it, italic it or underline it.

5- Use logical order

Try to set a certain order of titles and text – decide which text the readers should see first, and put it above the others; don't forget that the order should be logical to both you and the reader! Based on what you have accomplished so far, make sure to put your achievements and education first; show them how talented you are and what you are able to accomplish, in order to achieve or maintain their will to hire you.

6- Use keywords

Whoever is reading the text, besides the information you are giving them, they will pay attention to how you express yourself. If you are highly educated, they will expect you to behave that way. It doesn't mean you should use all kinds of fancy words that you don't even understand. Just try to stay away from informal phrases.

7- Keep it Simple

Don't make scientific work out of it. Your goal is to get the reader to like you – there is not much you can do but show them who you are, and hope for the best. Don't exaggerate with your previous experience nor the résumé style. If you make them think you're a Nobel Prize winner, they'll just expect things from you that you can't deliver.

8- Seek for inspiration

It's the 21st century – it is very hard to come up with something innovative today. No one will mind you for copying someone else’s idea, as long as you edit and personalize it. There are many good ideas out there – you can use them in such way that they help you determine what you should focus on the most, or in a way which helps you realize what things you should improve or maybe exclude.

9- Hire a designer

Maybe you're not that talented at designing a résumé, maybe you don't have experience at designing it, or you simply don't have time to do it – either way, you should hire a good designer. He can give your résumé a certain dose of business style, and yet keep it simple and casual.

It doesn't matter how technically good your résumé is, making it look good increases your chances even more! Hire a designer and let him do his thing.

10- Never use a template

Google --> Résumé template --> Download. Do NOT do this. No matter how "unpopular" the template is, there are huge chance that someone has already used that one. Believe it or not – it is very obvious when dozens of résumés look alike so much.

Stay original. You can use those templates as an idea for how to improve your résumé, or even see what your résumé should NOT look like (by finding some bad ones).

11- Be yourself

Being modest is a noble attribute, but when you need to impress someone, you need to show them everything you have. Don't forget to highlight any successes of yours!

Even if you are not qualified for the place you're going for, the worst thing that can happen is you getting rejected and afterwards realizing what is it that you need to work on.

No matter what happens – never make stuff up. What are you going to do if they hire you for the job you have no idea how to do? They could also expect great things from you, and after realizing you don't have the knowledge needed for the job, not only they will let you go, but they might even tell others about you – in a bad way of course!

12- Have real expectations

Stay motivated, but don't flatter yourself too much. No one is perfect that includes me and you. Take your time to examine your possibilities and find out what things you are capable of doing. After that, take some time to explore the business market and see what's trending now. When you've done all of it, carefully see which companies are you going to apply for, and good luck!

Yonis Attiya

Strategic, multidisciplinary designer & art director with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. With over 10 years of experience and acquired skills within the design world, his main expertise involves video production, motion graphics, brand identity design, typography, and branding. He founded Limefish Design Studio to combine his knowledge and experience in these areas and lead a team to deliver the best creative solutions to clients and their audiences.

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