1. Laws of time and space do not seem to apply once you step into the office

Time is quite a relative concept when you are work. It seems to fly by when you are busy and swamped or passes at the rate of 5 years per minute when you need. Nothing in between.

2. You have been a part of quite some meetings that could’ve been emails

You leave your important work in the middle only to sit through hours of another meeting that could’ve been an email. No one particularly enjoys inefficient meetings, but everyone sure insists on having them.

3. Office parties always seem to fall on the days you have resolved to start eating right

The one week you decide that you are going start eating healthy just happens to be when all the office birthdays fall. You can’t say no to cake now, can you?

4. Your snack drawer is the reason your diet plans always fail

Speaking of eating right, your snack drawer is what you turn to when you have work through lunch or need a little R&R for work well done.

5. Someone at some point has used your favourite mug and you always found out!

Everyone’s had that one co-worker that always happens to use your mug or cutlery ‘by mistake’.

6. The AC Wars can get much more intense than Marvel’s Civil War

If you don’t work in office that is constantly divided between factions that either always either too hot or too cold, are you even working in an office?

7. Technology will always fail you the moment you need it the most

Whether it is the projector right in middle of an important presentation, or the printer when you are running late for meeting, the machines can always sense it and can be very vengeful.

8. Elevator rides will never not be awkward

No matter how cool you think you are with your co-workers, elevator rides will always be riddle with awkward small talk.

9. You get very territorial about your desk/chair/stationery

Label making has become your new favourite hobby and people will be none the wiser to touch your stuff without asking first.

10. Coffee is now your best friend

Even if you weren’t an avid coffee drinker, you have now become one. Coffee is your main of sustenance.

Najma Ghuloom

A curious mind and a wandering soul, in love with the idea that learning never stops. Constantly on the lookout for stimulating ideas and transformative thoughts. A great believer in the potential of enlightened human lives and currently trying to make that happen through Majra.

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