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(ma-j-ra) (مجرى) . Noun
An Arabic word meaning a path or course.
"I'm looking to change my career path."

Our story

Young professionals (20-35 year olds) are entering the job market and disrupting industries and workplaces at a rate faster than ever. We're told to apply everywhere, settle in a job we would be good at, and climb the ladder and put in the hard work and gain experience.

But employee happiness is at an all time low, young professionals are not able to build careers that add meaning and purpose to their lives. Job websites and HR processes are built for a generation that valued traditional careers, and young people are falling by the wayside.

That is why we built Majra (Majra is Arabic for path or course), a website that works on supporting young professionals in building a career path that aligns to their personal goals. By showing the organization's environment, and personalizing the applying experience through personal vibrant profiles, we’re building a job site for the next generation of professionals.

Who are we?

We are a small team of creatives, business professionals, and software developers that have all experienced the obstacles young people face in building meaningful careers.

We work together every day to build Majra to be not another job site.

Some of our values

Empathy in everything we do

We empathize with the frustration job seekers are currently experiencing, we listen closely to how we can better serve them, and we take every successful match on Majra as a personal victory.

We talk less, do more

We focus on doing, fixing, and improving.

We do not value talking about what we intend to do, we do it.

Driven by impact

We celebrate victories, but don't settle.

We're always thinking of how we can impact more people through technology and reach every young person that might need Majra.

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