Janada Publicity & Advertising



  • Public Relations & Communications
  • Zinj, Kingdom of Bahrain


Janada Publicity & Advertising (JPA) is a niche design and sales boutique that develops and markets products or solutions throughout the GCC in primarily a B2B capacity.

Said Eldajani

Creative Managing Director

Katrina Tabora

Administrative Director

Prittu Isaac

Sales & Project Manager

We’re obsessed with innovation, the idea that we can invest a bit more time to create something meaningful that does not exist in the GCC market.

No Shortcuts to Big Ideas

The Nomadi is an example of the kind of culture you can expect from us, a product that we built from the ground up through blood, sweat and the latest technology.

Open space

Our office is located in the heart of Zinj, designed with open space in mind and a lot of fidget spinners lying around.

Our Work

Our work is always changing, and it’s demanding, and its this type of demand that can help a fresh graduate grow and learn with us.


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