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  • Ammwaj , Bahrain


We at Fleek want to take the beauty & wellness industry to online. With our apps women can discover salons, book and confirm their next beauty appointment with just a few taps.

Our Ambition as a Company

Work takes a big part of our lives and generally it plays a significant role in our general happiness and wellbeing, having purpose and being part of something great is a key to achieve that. At Fleek we strive to impact individuals & small businesses in the beauty & wellness and help them grow.

Qualities we're looking for


Honesty encourages trust between the team and the company as a whole. while every situation isn't exactly black & white, we require that you use your best judgement when choosing a path.

Self learner

While we'll always be there for you when you come for advice and mentorship to help you grow, we won't be holding your hands. You'll be expected to constantly educate yourself to keep up with the pace

Team player

It doesn't matter if you are a rockstar at what you do, winning is a team sport and if you don't pass the ball every now and then you'll find yourself on the bench

Our People

4 in this team

We're an extremely passionate team from different disciplines with skills that compliment each other quite well. While we're really laser focused on impacting the beauty & wellness industry, we do love to have a lot of fun in the process.

Husam Ramadhan

Cofounder, CEO

Mohamed Hisham

Cofounder, CTO

Aisha Alsaati

Business Success Executive

Our Place

What to expect

  1. All of us put our hearts into our work because we want to build something we are proud and aim to create a workplace encouragers that.
  2. We're based in the CH9 workspace, the hottest space for startups right in the heart of Ammwaj's Lagoon, so foodies and Starbucks fanatics will love the location.

Work Life Balance

Our office policies

Reasonably flexible work hours, access to ebooks from the kindle store, one-to-one mentorship hours, and quarterly fun retreats and fireside chats for the team.

Our culture

You'll be around people who constantly love to win, aren't afraid to experiment, and constantly question the status quo and have fun while doing it.


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