Silver Tea Leaf



  • Consultancy
  • Amwaj, Muharraq, Bahrain

Silver Tea Leaf

Silver Tea Leaf Consultancy is the first of its kind in the Middle East that aims at rising the overall standards of preparing and serving tea to the hospitality sector. We do that by providing a variety of training and consultancy services.

Our Ambition as a Company

"We want to change the world one tea cup at a time to help people around the world to be better towards themselves, the community and the environment!"

Qualities we're looking for


Curiosity made us who we are today! We need you to be curious to be creative and to solve problems that we do face on daily basis.


Our dreams and ambitions are honest and clear with our people. Your honesty will help you feel comfortable working with us and will add a great deal to us.


We need you to be able to work on multiple task and projects that may happen at the same time to help and support your team members.

Our Place

What to expect

  1. We are located in Corporate Hub, Amwaj, in the heart of Lagoon. Our office has a wonderful sea view and a great access of sunlight!

Our Work

How we engage our employees

We need you to be a tea drinker, taster and an appreciator! We drink tea almost on a daily basis as part of our job and part of our passion. Our inspiration and creativity comes from tea!

How each team memeber functions

We are project-driven, where everyday tea brings us a new opportunity and a new project to work on!

How we collaborate as a team

We work together and take responsibility for what we do. Our curiosity pushes us to take on new challenges and learn new lessons along the way. Our integrity allows us to work comfortably together.


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