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Mievento Creative Hub

MIEVENTO creative hub is a creative agency with a youthful direction. We specialize in providing large to small organizations with a variety of creative services from branding & design, marketing advisory and digital marketing to a niche variety of event management services.

Our People

4 in this creative team!

We are a team of four individuals who come from different backgrounds, experiences and fields. What brought us together is the spirit to go on an entrepreneurial path, our endless and limitless passion for events, marketing and design.

Khalid Alshaikh

Cofounder, HR & Finance Executive

Shahd Alzaki

Founder & Creative Director

Ahmed Rafiey

Cofounder, Marketing & PR Executive

Our Place

We are at Riyadat Mall in A’ali town. Our environment is smart and casual. You can use a meeting room to do your work, or even settle in our lounge area and check your emails while having the morning coffee. We do everything together, from projects to spontaneous field work.

Our Work

The nature of our work revolves around growing and generating return on investment for our clients whether through marketing or event services, we work with business who realistically need growth.

If you get hired by us, we need you to know that it’s okay if you’re gonna commit mistakes, because that’s the only way you’ll elevate your skills. We expect you to have the eagerness to learn, the endless and limitless passion for generating creative ideas.

Our Perks

Being a youth centric creative agency has its perks, like doing our quarterly reviews in a cozy retreat format for example. Our work wouldn't be as fun if it wasn't for the incredible team culture we have between us.



Mievento Creative Hub

Graphic Design Officer

A'ali, Kingdom of Bahrain