Zain’s Customer Care Department



  • Telecommunications
  • Seef, Kingdom of Bahrain

Zain’s Customer Care Department

In Zain Bahrain our customers are the core of everything we do, we look to provide our customers with the best support possible through a dedicated team. We’re a passionate group of people who share a unified mission of providing our customers with the best experience.

Our People

Many in this epic team!

We’re a young and energetic team that comes from across the kingdom, putting our hearts in everything we do.


Ebrahim Khan

Sayed Majeed

Our Place

Our fun and vibrant brand colors are reflected in the design of our offices and working places. They're created to encourage collaboration, efficiency, and a lot of life to the work we do. Between dedicated desks with the required tech, to the great wreck rooms for breaks, we’ve got the environment set up right.

Our Work

With thousands of customers looking for support on a daily basis, the work we do focuses on the quality and the efficiency of our operators. We do this through a healthy mix of training and management, with clear structures where the team members can grow into.

Our Perks

Between engaging team structures, to open spaces for collaboration, our culture is built on open communication and feedback, and a whole lot of support between us.


Check out Sayed’s experience after working for 5 months at the customer care department!


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