Job Seekers

What is Majra?

Majra is a platform we built for people who want to find, apply, and work in jobs that are awesome. This cool website you’re on enables you to get an inside look at companies around you, in order to see if they’re the right fit.Yup, we actually made job hunting fun, you’re welcome!

Is it free for me to use?

Yup, all you got to do is make sure your profile represents you fully, nothing would make us happier than helping you find the one. (the “one” here refers to your other career half, hope that was clear..)

There are some questions that I’ve never see on a job site before, why?

We designed the profiles to help you express yourself in the most authentic way possible, some questions might be a bit unusual for a job site, but we try to match on the base of culture and values, the more you share, the more chances companies would get to know the real you, fall for you, and hire you.

Can companies see my profile if I did not apply to any jobs?

Yup, some companies might choose to wait for people to apply, and they simply scroll through the list of great people, and hit them up. Once this happens, you will receive a notification, requesting access to your personal contact information.

What does the “Follow” button do?

When you “follow” a company, you get notified whenever they post an opportunity. This feature is very helpful if you loved a certain company’s culture but they have no live opportunities!

What’s the difference between the “Explore Workplaces” and “Explore Opportunities” page?

Explore Workplaces is your chance to filter the companies available around you, and explore the inside of their offices, meet some of their people, and check if their at-work-experience matches your expectations.

Explore Opportunities is your chance to filter the opening vacancies availble at companies in three different formats (Jobs, Internships, and projects).

What’s a “Project” vacancy?

Sometimes companies don’t need a full time person to cover a short term project that arises, but more like a team of people to tackle it. Projects is your chance to get a short term working experience at a company, working on something specific with timely goals.

Isn’t attaching my CV enough?

Nope, not anymore. We believe that for you to get a job that you will love and enjoy, you need to be clear on your passion and possible contribution to any other organisations.

Yup! You can book a quick meeting with a member of our team for 3 BHD to help you build your profile, and consult on any potential companies that match you! Get in touch with us on hello@Majra.me


What is Majra?

Majra is a platform we built for people who want to find, apply, and work in jobs that are awesome. This platform enables you as a company to show your employer brand, and attract the right fit for your company’s vacancies.

Why is it a subscription service instead of a pay as you post service?

Here’s some great bulleted points to explain our awesome logic:

- Average market price for posting one “Vacancy” is 160 Dollars, with Majra, you will have a lower overall cost per candidate you’re getting.

- A subscription model allows us to give you the best “Employer Branding” experience you can get out there, with you having a dedicated pool of followers who would be interested in your vacancies. This means instant+tailored set of followers at any point of time.

- We believe in giving you a 360 HR experience, what that fancy word means is that you get to post any type of job opportunities, internships, or projects, all to the same audience of followers who love your employer brand!

- Most importantly, we want Majra to be an unlimited tool to help you grow, that is availble around the clock. It’s a headache off your shoulders for your to grow your company without worrying if there’s people out there that can work with you to grow it, there is, and we’re bringing them to your door!

Why can’t I post a job without a profile?

Majra is based on finding your the right fit for your culture and work environment, meaning if we can’t tell your story, we can’t find you the right people, simple as that!

I submitted some pictures for my profile, but they got rejected, why?

We kind of love consistency on Majra, meaning that if we felt one of your content elements did not fit our criteria, it will simply not follow through, but don’t worry, we don’t reject anything without giving a recommendation on how to fix it, your account manager would be more than happy to help you build the epic profile you deserve!

Why can’t I edit and create the company profile myself?

Consistency, we want to make sure every company is presented in an exciting high quality manner, if we don’t do that, we would not be able to get you high quality people, it’s a Yin and Yang thing we think.

I just signed up, I need job applicants quickly, how can you help?

We can do the following things:

- Write a company review, this company review will drive traffic to your profile through our awesome content marketing strategy!

- Social ads, we’re great at telling the world your story on social media, check out our Instagram specifically at @MajraBH to know what we’re talking about!

- Email marketing, yup, with a click of a button we can drop an email to all the candidates on our platform that we believe match your profile!

For anything on this or more, please get in touch with your account manager, or drop us an email at hello@Majra.me